Week 8

9 03 2010

From 02/22 thru 02/26. Again, sorry for the delay (I was taking my sweet time due to last week -yuck – and spring-break-itis). Anyway, here are the last 3 Sloan lectures before Luesch started this past week. These 3 include the end of Beta-Lactams and the lectures on H1&H2 antagonists. As per usual, the individual sections will be posted under the 2PD Spring link…

Enjoy! (And have a happy & safe spring break!)

Week 8 – Beta Lacams VI & H1/H2 Antagonists




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9 03 2010

Oh Emily, you can do no wrong. Late or not, you’ve been so kind and helpful to put up these notes. God bless you.


10 03 2010

Hey Emily!

Agreeing with Tong. Thanks a bunch for the notes!

Just so you know, I found a little mistake on the second page (2/22/1o). On part 2b (Complex Ester: Mechanism of Hydrolysis), you drew in an extra oxygen in the side chain for Ceftin. Not really that much of a biggie since the actual molecule is drawn at the top of the page. Thanks again! đŸ™‚


14 03 2010
Amy Good

I see under your blog you say you will have each individual section under 2PD spring link. Where is that? I don’t see it under med chem II or under COP on blackboard. Thanks so much Emily for you help!

14 03 2010

Hey Amy, the individual sections are posted on this site under the page titled “2PD Spring”. Sorry for the confusion.

15 03 2010
Jonathan Lewis

Hey Amy, no appologies necessary! I tried opening the week 8 pdf, but I got a message saying the file is damaged and could not be repaired. Is anyone else having this problem?

15 03 2010

Hi Jonathan,
You may want to try going under the 2PD Spring page on this site & try downloading the last 2 files posted separately (Beta lactams VI & H1/H2 antags) I think the problem may be related to the beta lactam VI file exclusively- and I will try to fix it if I can. Until then try to download them separately đŸ™‚

16 03 2010

You rock’n rolla like old fashioned cola!

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